ALL Baby Detergent: Cheaper and Effective

_MG_2596.jpgDreft is the most popular baby detergent in the market today. However, it is extremely expensive. For moms who are looking for an alternative to Dreft, ALL Baby is their first choice. I was one of those mothers who initially used Dreft and switched. Although it leaves baby clothes smelling so fresh and fragrant, an expanding family makes my budget very limited.

I used Dreft for my first born child’s laundry. But for my next three kids, I frequently switch detergents. But my favorites are ALL Baby Detergents and Babyganics Fabric Softener Sheets. My neighbor has actually advised me this detergent. She saw me in the grocery holding a Dreft bottle. She was so amazed by the way she looked at me. The first thing that she said was, “You can afford that?”

ALL Baby Detergent is one of the variants of ALL Laundry Detergents. ALL Baby is their special laundry soap for baby clothes.

This product is definitely cheaper than Dreft and Ivory Soft. You can find it on Wal-Mart for less than $10. You can purchase it on sale and get one free. In spite its low cost, ALL Baby can clean as effectively as the top baby detergent brands. It does not contain dye too and has hypoallergenic ingredients.

What I really liked about ALL Baby Detergent is that it can handle all stains. It is effective for both pre-treatment and washing clothes. Even without bleach, it has effectively washed off tough stains and dirt like food and milk.

Also, my children’s colored clothes did not fade. My sons’ clothes fade and lose its color with other strong detergents that I used. The whites are still white and the colors did not become psychedelic.

However, I noticed that my baby’s clothes were not as fragrant. Clothes washed with ALL Baby Detergent are not as sweet smelling or as softer as washed with Dreft or other detergents. So I still purchase fabric softeners. I use organic products like Babyganics Fabric Softener Sheets. My youngest son is allergic to synthetic perfumes.

Although I have saved a few pennies in buying detergents, I get to spend them on purchasing fabric softeners. It is your choice if you want to cut off fabric softeners in your laundry routine. But for me, these products are very important to make my sons’ clothes more comfortable and less abrasive to their sensitive skins.

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  1. ronnix says:

    Thanks for the tips Colleen. Love your blog.

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