Arm & Hammer Fabricare Review

If you want a strong detergent to wash cloth diapers, Arm & Hammer Fabricare powder detergent is the perfect choice for you. It has a patented cleaning system that combats odors caused by germs. The Arm & Hammer brand was known for its efficient household cleaning products.

This detergent is a regular detergent. Compared to Dreft, Mountain Green, and Method, Arm & Hammer is not a specialized baby detergent. It is usually used in washing terribly stained clothes, bed sheets, curtains and others. In my previous household chores routine, I used this product to wash a huge load of laundry.

It can thoroughly clean any fabric and get rid of any foul odor. If you are frustrated on finding ways to make your husband’s gym socks look and smell clean, you might want to switch to Arm & Hammer.

That’s the same reason which makes this detergent the choice for your child’s diapers. I’ve used Arm & Hammer one time when we ran out of baby detergents. Of course, it has cleaned the diaper inside and out. There were no stains left on the cloth diaper at all. It eliminated the toughest of odors. Whether you are dealing with pee or solid waste, this detergent can clean them all.

However, I wouldn’t recommend regular usage of this product, especially for baby clothes. I’ve read several health awareness articles about Arm & Hammer online. This product contains toxic ingredients that pose serious health threats. Prolonged exposure to it can cause eyes and respiratory tract irritation.


It can also cause severe skin irritation to your baby. You have to dissolve it thoroughly before pouring it into your washing machine. Remember to give extra effort in rinsing the cloth diapers. Rinse not enough, then there will be harmful residues left in the fabric that could harm your infant’s sensitive skin.

Nevertheless, there are safe baby detergents with higher concentration available in the market. You could always pre-treat stains to save time and energy as well as budget in buying a stronger detergent.

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