Bleach on Baby Clothes: Is it safe or not?

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Children can get their clothes stained in a matter of seconds after putting them on. They’re so excited to explore and experience the world; they would lay their hands just about anything they see. At the end of the day, their clothes become heavily stained with mud, dirt, grass stains, sauces, fruit juice and others. Fortunately, most laundry products today are strong enough to take out even the toughest stain on any fabric. Most stains can be easily removed by bleach or regular detergent especially if treated immediately.

On the other hand, there is an ongoing debate whether or not it is safe to use bleach on baby clothes. Personally, I don’t prefer to use bleach on baby clothes since I don’t want my kids to be exposed to chemicals at an early age. The strong scent of this product had me worried regarding its effect on my sons in the long run.

Generally, using bleach is safe. Reactions vary from child to child. Most babies have sensitive skin yet not all babies develop rashes with bleached clothes. If your child has allergies or skin disease, it is better not to use this product.

Nevertheless, the best way to avoid bleaching your baby’s clothing is to pre-treat the stain. Treat the clothing as soon as possible so that the fabric would not absorb the stain Even tannin stains can be removed thoroughly if you treat the clothes immediately. Pretreating stains also makes laundry easier. You can wash everything under regular cycle, which also saves energy. Also, you don’t need to add more detergents.

If the stain is persistent, and bleach is the only way to remove it, make sure you use the right product. Read the labels on your kids’ clothing and check if it needs color-safe bleach or other types of bleach. Read the label on the bottle as well and follow instructions. If your child has allergies, ask your pediatrician on which bleach is safe to use.

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2 Responses to Bleach on Baby Clothes: Is it safe or not?

  1. Aquariums says:

    Bleach on Baby Clothes is not a good because it’d harmful. Try to use simple powder. Means not included highly chemical. They are damaged to baby . So don’t use it.

  2. Clean baby says:

    I never use harsh chemicals on my baby’s clothes and when I get a though stain I just think the clothing is ruined. Never thought about pre treating. I will definitely try it. Thank you for the valuable advice.

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