DIY Pet Odor Eliminator Formula

DIY Pet Odor Eliminator FormulaWe all love our pets, but we just couldn’t stand their odor. Pet odor is a normal problem in every household. Pet owners couldn’t seem to stop their pets from spraying on the couch, curtains, bed sheets, carpets, and even on the walls. Even the animal’s fur and skin emits a certain scent that truly sticks to our nostrils as well as the whole house.

What reeks about pet odor is the difficulty in removing it. Unlike the stains, pet odors are much more difficult to take out from the air. Unfortunately, the human brain has a way to tolerate a foul scent after a few minutes. We can get use to the scent of our pets but not our friends and guests.

While you can purchase an odor eliminator in the local grocery store, it is still better to create your own pet odor eliminator formula. Not only does this help you save money, but also it is much safer and contains lesser chemicals.

Recipe for homemade pet odor eliminator formula

This pet odor eliminator formula is made from ingredients that you can find in your kitchen and in your medicine cabinet. Just make sure you follow the instructions correctly. You can make it as weak or as strong as you prefer.


1 cup hydrogen peroxide (3%)

Handful of baking soda

1 teaspoon dishwashing soap



Combine a part of vinegar and a part of water in a container. Make sure you evenly put this together. So if you have put a cup of vinegar, you must mix in a cup of water. Set aside.

In another container, create a different mixture. Combine baking soda, dishwashing soap and the hydrogen peroxide.

You will use these two separately when removing pet odor. Apply the vinegar solution first on the stained area followed by the baking soda solution. Dab it with paper towels so that there’s not too much liquid on the fabric/item. Leave the baking soda solution on the stained area until the solution has dried up.

Once dried, get a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum the stained area. Make sure there’s no trace of baking soda. And that’s it. Your home should now be free of pet odor.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Prograham

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