Ivory Snow Detergent Review

Next to Dreft, Ivory Snow Detergent is one of the most popular laundry soaps. If you’ll do a survey on the favorite detergents of moms, Dreft and Ivory are probably the top two brands in the list. Many moms are fond of these detergents because it is safe for the baby’s skin.

Ivory is as fragrant and sweet smelling but not as strong as Dreft. Its formula is very gentle on baby’s skin and makes clothes soft and comfortable without the use of fabric softeners. I used Ivory about twice or thrice. I definitely agree that it is an amazing detergent. I love how it made my sons’ clothes so soft and smooth. Sometimes, there’s no need to iron them at all.

This product is also concentrated, which means you don’t really need to use much for your regular laundry load. I only poured a couple of the measuring cups into my washer and I was able to do my whole family’s laundry. It is also effective in washing delicates. For those who do hand washing, you might want to switch to Ivory. It is very gentle. Your skin wouldn’t become rough and dried after laundry.

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It is effective in pre-treating stains as well. Ivory Snow Detergent contains enzymes, which break down the stain. I tried it on dried milk and puree stains. It can remove it quite easily. No need to soak the clothes in water.

However, as I read through the contents of Ivory Snow, it is not as safe as most moms think after all. It has certain ingredients that can be toxic to your child.

If not thoroughly rinsed, this soap leaves residues on the clothes. It can also irritate the eyes.

If you’re on a tight budget, you might not want to stick with Ivory. You could research for alternatives like ALL Baby. Or, you could switch to safer and greener laundry detergents like organic products. These soaps are both effective and safe for babies as well as contribute in saving the environment.

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  2. Lalah says:

    Nice article but no details were given. It was stated that Ivory Snow contains “certain ingredients” that could be toxic for your baby, but those ingredients were not named. It would have been helpful to know what those ingredients are and how they are toxic to babies. Thanks.

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