Powder vs. Liquid Washing Detergents: Which Is Better?

Many of my mom-friends have asked me, “Colleen, which is better? Powder or liquid detergent?” I always answer one word: either.

This is probably the most common dilemma of most mothers. Next to food, laundry accessories comprise the next biggest portion of the family’s budget. Especially if you have kids in the family, you need to be extra careful on the products that you choose to wash your clothes.

Before, most mothers choose powder over liquid soaps. Powder detergents used to work more effectively in washing clothes. Ingredients in liquids used to be not as strong as powder detergents. However, this is no longer the case.

Today, there is no difference in these washing detergents in terms of removing stains and dirt, and eliminating odor. Manufacturers have already introduced concentrated forms of liquid soaps. In fact, some liquid detergents have higher concentration than powder detergents. Now, both powder and liquid soaps clean your family’s laundry equivalently.

Nevertheless, if need to choose between the two detergents, it would actually depend on the type of dirt you’re dealing with. For tough stains like mud, ground-soil or dirt, go with powder laundry detergents. Powder soaps have ingredients that raise the pH of water making it better for washing. However, dissolve the powder first before you actually wash your clothes.

For oily greasy stains like food stains, liquid detergents are very much advisable. You can use drops of liquid soaps on stains and pre-treat them. Liquids also have different cleaning component that keeps the wash pH neutral.

Powder soap has a longer shelf life compared to liquid laundry detergents. Ingredients like bleaching agents and surfactants are more stable in powders. However, powder detergents are known to leave residues in clothing. This means you need to do more cycles to have your clothes thoroughly cleaned.

On the other hand, liquid washing detergents mix faster compared to powders. This is very helpful especially during cold seasons wherein the water is cold. Since it mixes easily, you don’t need to worry about soap residues left in your clothes. Therefore, there’s less rising and less water consumption.

Bottom line, both of these laundry soaps can wash and rinse your family’s clothes of tough stains and stinky odors. You could switch detergents from time to time to determine which one is best for you or just for variation.

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2 Responses to Powder vs. Liquid Washing Detergents: Which Is Better?

  1. sierra says:

    Powder detergents are the best. I always recommend it than other.

  2. Bev says:

    When using front load washers powder detergents work best. if you are experiencing smelling clothes (mildew) from your front loader switch to powder detergent.

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