Purex Baby VS ALL Free & Clear Detergent Review

Purex Baby and ALL Free & Clear Detergent are two of my personal favorites when it comes to hypoallergenic soaps. Both are dermatologist tested safe to use even on the most sensitive baby skin. If your child is prone to allergies, rashes and other skin problems, you might want to try out these products. Also, these brands are less expensive than Dreft. Purex and ALL are very affordable, which make them a suitable option to pennywise mothers.

Purex has been manufacturing effective cleaning products for a long time. Purex Baby is a specially formulated detergent designed to take out tough stains on baby clothing without harming their sensitive skin. I love using this product especially on cloth diapers. It works on stains and odor efficiently. I am very particular on laundry especially on odor.

On the other hand, ALL Free & Clear works effectively as well. If your child has super sensitive skin, you might want to try out this product. ALL is a long time manufacturer of baby safe products. Free & Clear is included in their line of baby safe detergents. It is absolutely gentle on baby skin and works on stains like magic.

Also, Free & Clear gets rid of the foul odor. I’ve used it on baby socks and underwear. I could definitely say this product has removed the stench out of my babies’ clothing instantly. However, ALL Free & Clear is not as fragrant as Dreft or Ivory. If you’re a fan of scented clothes, you need to throw in a couple of fragrant fabric softeners.

Verdict: If you’re on a tighter budget, Purex Baby would be a better option for you. It is quite cheap. Purex Baby is highly concentrated, which means you can do more laundry using less soap.

However, ALL Free & Clear is not that expensive as other brands. It is still affordable but not as inexpensive as Purex Baby. Besides, it is an absolutely effective hypoallergenic soap. Its formula is mild enough for your baby’s sensitive skin yet tough to take out any stain.

Do remember that these products may contain chemicals like perfumes, brighteners, phosphates and other cleaning ingredients that can harm your child. It is best if you try switching detergents from time to time to determine what brand best suit your family’s laundry needs.

Note: BabyDetergents.com is an online web blog that publishes first hand experience product reviews, wherein Colleen Gossett (author) has personally purchased the product. All products reviewed were items brought INDEPENDENTLY.  Otherwise, it will be noted at the footer.

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