Purex Baby VS Arm &Hammer Fabricare Detergents

Both Purex Baby and Arm & Hammer Fabricare are strong, highly concentrated detergents that effectively wash cloth diapers. More and more mothers are using cloth diapers for their babies. This saves a huge percentage of your budget compared to using disposable diapers. It is also advisable for children with sensitive skin. Cloth diapers are highly breathable, which makes it comfortable.


Purex Baby is a line of household cleaners. For years, the brand Purex has been making a name in soap, cleaners and bleach. Most of us have probably witnessed its amazing power in taking out stains and odors.
Purex Baby is a special detergent that is hypoallergenic. It is gentle on your baby’s skin yet wash out any stain or dirt on the fabric effortlessly. This is actually one of my favorite products to use when washing cloth diapers. There are no traces of stains or odor. It is as if the diapers weren’t used at all.

On the other hand, Arm & Hammer Fabricare is known for its concentrated detergent. If you’re dealing with thick fabric, this would be the perfect product to use. However, you might want to reconsider using this product especially if your baby is prone to rashes. It has highly strong cleaning ingredients that may be irritating to your child’s sensitive skin.
Arm & Hammer Fabricare contains the toughest ingredients that could break down any stain on any fabric almost instantly. I’ve used this couple of times already and I could say it is a good substitute for concentrated baby detergents in case you suddenly ran out of stock.

Nevertheless, both of these brands contain chemical ingredients that pose risks to your baby’s health. For a safer option, you could always switch to non toxic cleaning products and organic detergents. More and more concentrated non toxic detergents are being introduced in the market for a more effective clean. BabyGanics’ Loads of Love is three times more concentrated than regular detergents. It is also effective in washing cloth diapers as much as Purex and Arm & Hammer.

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3 Responses to Purex Baby VS Arm &Hammer Fabricare Detergents

  1. pamela says:

    My Friend Asked me to Read your Post Purex Baby VS Arm &Hammer Fabricare Detergents | Baby Detergents – Everything & anything about baby detergents on Sunday.Your post was Well written.Please Keep it up .I Like reading on baby diapers.

  2. Amy says:

    Thank you. I was hoping purex baby was safe for cloth diapering. I like the smell of this detergent and think it will make the diapers smell equally as fresh.

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